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These are the people of the neighborhood

A few years back, our FLES program and our Music department decided to work collaboratively in a project as a way of welcoming the new 4th graders to Big Dalton! It could be a scary place for the new kids. Our theme was a little like Sesame Streets' "who are the people in your neighborhood' song. The first year I made a puppet of the then headmaster, (check earlier posts), the music teacher taught them a song in Spanish and the FLES teachers practiced it with them as well. The second year, the Spanish teacher wrote a song with the students in Spanish and the music teacher with the students created the melody and I made the puppet ( A beloved security guard - earlier post). The third year, students wrote the words and created the melody as well for a beloved custodial worker, Joey. I again made the puppet and Joey danced along with the puppet during our presentation.

I am now retired, and I was asked to make a puppet of the new headmaster! As I write this, the song is still not fully developed but the FLES teachers are working with the music department as usual. I have already delivered about 30 sock puppets that the students will be singing with. This past week, I also hand delivered Dalton's new headmaster puppet and met the new headmaster as well! More pics to come when the kids have their presentation!


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